Heel Spur Treatment

In Haskell, Texas, a former Haskell police officer was sentenced Monday to seven years probation for planting drugs in a man’s vehicle. William Glass had resigned from the department last year just before he was about to take a lie detector test over an allegation that he planted methamphetamine in a man’s vehicle during a traffic stop. He was indicted on charges of fabricating physical evidence, possession of a controlled substance, and official oppression, but he copped a plea to just the first count. The meth had come from an earlier drug bust.

The housekeeper was entirely unfazed. “It’s not in the gentleman’s nature to be quite himself some mornings. But as my old mother used to say, we all get the snappy-puss on our backs, and it takes two to make a catfight. So where was I? Oh yes. You tuck into your chops and some slow fried kippers will be along shortly. Your Chronicle is right by your side. Now I have to see to a little warm toast and’¦ ” A huge roar erupted and Tippy’s commentary was, from that moment, audible to only those on the balcony, all leaning out and searching for a better view.

Recent transitory events in the hinterland had led to numerous unstable and muddy landings lording themselves as towns. Cooktown through Townsville, Grasstree to the Broadsound, Rockhampton, Gladstone , Hervey Bay and the Wide Bay All hosting settlements vehemently disliking each other and forever boasting in an attempt to court the fleeting mineral trade; best harbour, easiest access, biggest this, brightest that. But not Mackay. Tippy had laughed out loud at the idea of Slikker receiving a written invitation to visit a whorehouse. As he’d said, “it’s almost like politely requesting the tide should come in.”heel pain in children

Poor old Gordie.” Eddie often sat across from Gordon in a round of cards and was troubled to hear of his friend’s discomfort. “But nothing serious? I mean nothing that’ll kill him?” Then where’d you get to, old chap? I could’ve been in kip upstairs with a book, and would be if I’d known you were going to be so damnably late.” Slikker and Eddie kept rooms at the Prince of Wales. No you won’t find Fuscous about here Slikker, you know better than that! The little beggar likes it drier, and a little less salty.” Eddie began ruffling the pages of his notebook in search of a significant fact.

Still it would have been nice to sail down the coast. Just Eddie and me and the wind.” There was a steady sou-easter raising a minor chop. The tiny cap of white water upon each miniature wave was flashing silver in the moonlight. The sea mist conspired with the moon and the waves to make the ocean appear a broad plain covered with boiling silver. Slikker experienced a fierce surge of emotion, his breath caught in his throat and tears threatened his eyes. Instantly he felt stupid and self-conscious. But he couldn’t help it. Those five simple stars were the symbol of Australia The Australia his father had died for.

Deep inside a series of long fissures fracturing the granite beneath the mud, there was gold. Over the aeons the heavy metal had been concentrated in these crevices, the fingers of rock acting like riffles in gods-own sluice box. Yet the further out from the several islands the fissure claims were worked, the deeper under the mud was the prize, until just beyond the low tide mark they all became unworkable. Perhaps there was a bonanza just a bit deeper? Perhaps the Coral Sea might be drained? Slikker drew and levelled his piece but the chap just grinned at the gesture. “So that’s meant to frighten me is it fella?”heel pain after walking